eau de perfume


Perfect Day:

I’m glad I spent it with you   …………….   In the park, after dark, and then home.

Sharp zesty citrus and sweet jasmine drying down to a woodsy musk.


Warm Leatherette:

Warm up with the smoky mix of forests and herbs.

A dark mix of woods with undertones of tropical blooms and citrus.


Hey Boy Hey Girl:

Here we go   …..   mixing cool mint with hot tropical flowers and ancient resins   …..   you’re a superstar.


Dancing Barefoot:

The festival child in you stretches out her arms and spins on the damp grass    …   lose all sense of gravity in this blend of citrus as it settles in to the sweet  dry-down of sandalwood and vanilla.


Wild Wood:

Traffic flying by   ……   she stumbles into an urban wood her warm skin emanating orange peel interlaced with earthy linden blossom   ……   rose undergrowth with sandalwood rising.


Pretty in Pink:

Pretty in pink   …..   isn’t she?

The sweet gentle blossoms of flowers and herbs   …..   develop in to aromatic resins.




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