Heatherwick Studio at the V & A

If you are a student of design this exhibition is essential viewing – it ends 30th September.

Watch this video on the V&A  exhibition site to experience the studios’ design philosophy http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/exhibitions/heatherwick-studio/

The studio produces multi disciplinary projects, in categories that includes product, engineering  and furniture design and architecture.

This exhibition is an excellent example of the process of design. The exhibition charts initial ideas from student days through to finalised international multi million pound commissions.

The designers and engineers constantly interrogate and test ideas in a collaborative environment, where the playfulness and exploratory joy in materials, and form is always apparent.

One of the studio team demonstrates some of the working models at 2.00pm each Friday. The model of the Jiading Bridge curls up like a caterpillar to allow ships to pass under, and below a child demonstrates a perfectly balanced spinning chair.