clothes perfumes

Deter the clothes moth, protect your knitwear and add a lovely scent to your delicate woolens with a Flutter Bye Anti Moth Kit. Choose from Cedarwood, Rose & Vetiver or Lavender, Clove & Mint.




[Tineola bisselliella – Common clothes moth.]

The clothes moths wool of choice is cashmere, in second place merino – they have expensive tastes. The larvae will feast on your precious woolies. So…your first step is to eradicate the damaging moth larvae. For a chemical free solution put the affected clothes in a plastic bag and place in the freezer for 24-36 hours – alternatively you could dry-clean them.

As a deterrent to future infestation and to perfume your clothes apply a few drops of the eau de perfume on to the paper blotters and place these amongst your woolens…top this up every four weeks or so in the summer months. Apply less often throughout the rest of the year.

If you are packing your winter jumpers away for the summer ensure they are clean then store them away in a sealed bag with the perfumed blotters.

Hang the perfumed slab in the wardrobe or place in your room to discourage clothes moths and to sweeten the air.



Space Spray:

This blend of perfumers alcohol, floral water and botanical extracts can be sprayed in to the air to sweeten it, or on to carpets, soft furnishings and fabrics to deter the bugs.

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Woody balsamic ……………………………………… or sweet spicy aromatic

Perfumers alcohol/floral water/botanical extracts

eau de perfume