So … I suppose it was inevitable that my creativity would find a new outlet in taste and flavours. I have always loved eating and explored cooking in a creative manner as soon as I was able to reach the kitchen table, and this combined with my fascination in all things olfactory led me to explore and create edible dishes. The merging of theses culinary adventures with my long held interest in the wellbeing of the body, mind and soul and how what you eat, touch, smell, experience is fundamental to nourishing your life has opened a new chapter in mine.


And so the Tastes of London scented supper clubs were developed. Drawing on the myriad nationalities of London bringing their culinary cultures, and merging these tastes with scented odours to extend the flavour palate exponentially.


Whilst training to be a Natural Chef at The College of Naturopathic Medicine I met Julie Cleijne and The Hill Larder was born. Our ethos is to make delicious artisan food using whole ingredients, that are not only tasty, but also have positive health benefits. We source natural, seasonal ingredients and frequently enhance the wellbeing of our recipes through fermentation.