the scented suppers

“Street food celebrates the complex smells of our cities

Some 270 nationalities, speaking 300 different languages, are represented in this glorious melting pot of a city. This evening celebrates a handpicked sample of the culinary traditions of Londoners across the years who moved here and made London what it is today – a melange of cultures and cuisines, a fabulous global mash up of wonderful worldwide food and drink.

From the mantle of spices drifting from the shops of Southall, to the earthy aromas of Nigerian produce on Peckham’s Rye Lane; from the sharp briny tang of Billingsgate fish market to the curdled cacophony of cheeses at Neals Yard, London is a hotbed of mingled scents and vibrant flavours.

Our tongues detect a small range of tastes – sweet, salt, sour, bitter and savoury – through the very act of breathing we inhale odours and extend our flavour palate exponentially. Before you is a range of perfume, in solid and liquid form. They are for smelling not eating – wear them, put a drop on the skewers or blotters and inhale the aromas to influence the taste of your dinner tonight.


Enjoy a world of taste, via a taste of London.